The People Part of the 3Ps

The Three Ps: People, Planet, Profit

As someone who’s interested in how people learn and change and work together, I’m often struck at the lack of attention that human systems (a.k.a organizations) get in the sustainability dialogue. The handy phrase that’s often used to break down that six syllable word into understandable chunks is “People, Planet, Profit”. Obviously, the Planet gets plenty of airtime, and in the last few years I’ve read numerous articles on the ROI (a.k.a. Profit) of integrating sustainability into core business practice, but very rarely do I come in contact with a piece that focuses on the importance of People in the sustainability puzzle.

This week, however, I came across this great article on Triple Pundit: Crafting Organizations as Sustainable Human Systems. It’s a brief, but enlightening read.

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